To Be Human Today


The installation summarizes 5 chapters of content that is explained metaphorically through the experience as well as physical printed markers that hang in the “memory space” with textual content.

Through prototyping to find the best user interaction, I found that a physical interface connected best with people. Through a photo capture device and an analog notepad used to record memories, users are able to interact with these tools to understand the concept of privacy, identity, and memory/mind uploading. Users can choose to keep these items or put them on public display, paralleling the way that person content is shared online. This space acts as a metaphor for the digital cloud. Interacting with these elements people can see in a tangible context what a communal cloud’s consequences and benefits might be.


The 5 chapters of content in the piece are:
Defining Mind Uploading – Process of copying information from a brain to a computer, The Process – Like most uploading processes we can presume that it might be a tedious process, with various steps to safely copy over information, The Moment – We all may forget the importance of the moment if we have the privilege to relive and record everything. Taking the time to record and remember are special processes that make up humanity today, Your Identity – If all memories are uploaded to a server and can be browsed by many- Theoretically we can build frankenstein brains that are bits and pieces of multiple minds, Your Privacy – If minds are all existing on a server or computer, this content could theoretically be shared among everyone and your life’s most sacred moments could be revealed to the world.


This piece was challenging because of the technology I had to learn in order to communicate this story the way I wanted to. I felt that such an inhuman and hypothetical idea could not be grasped by people who are unfamiliar with it unless it was presented in a physical way with familiar ways of interaction.



Hand Constructed Case

Inkjet Printer

Transparency Paper


Fishing Wire




Makey Makey