Illusions Zine

Zine using Philippe Audouin’s surrealist game, that employs analogy, as the method for producing content to define myself.

After trying to define who I was beyond the surface stuff I concluded that although I’m able to make decisions, It’s often hard for me to not want the best of both worlds- digging deeper into this concept I also uncovered that there’s a certain perception of me based on first impression, that can be refuted when someone gets to know me more. The idea of things not always being as they seem turned into the theme of my answers for the game.

The zine presents the reader with the prompts on each page, and showing through a peep hole the answer, displayed in a black and white way – the first impression. Once the reader flips the page to reveal a full composition they see it juxtaposed with something that reveals a deeper or more surprising meaning, visually and written.


Size 7.25″ x 10″

Grommet Bound

Hand Die Cuts


  • Your image (an animal)
  • Parents (born of the union of)
  • Place of birth (a geographical location)
  • Nationality (civilization or culture)
  • Profession (a past-time)
  • Domicile (a famous building or monument)
  • Height (a vegetable)
  • Hair (a color)
  • Eyes (a mineral)
  • Voice (a song)
  • Religion (conception of the world)
  • Character/Personality (legendary hero real or imagined)