In Your Own Words

Breaking bad stereotypes of unique places in Metro Detroit.

In Your Own Words began as a community focused project with the objective of using chance to drive outcomes. Partner, Molly Do, and I explored places we’d never been, selected by chance. We researched these four seemingly unrelated places, concluding that each place was comforting but cloaked by uncertainty. This dichotomy led to a project aimed at making the weary confident.

We designed and distributed cards choosing six stereotyped places in Detroit, which employed our projects message, and provoked people to make their own contributions on the website. There people take action and share personal anecdotes relating to their own unique experiences with unjustly stereotyped places. When multiple replies are collected they’ll be displayed online where people can search the contributions and uncover unique places to explore. In doing so, participants break down standards that have been applied, and provide thoughtful talk surrounding niche places that will diversify and grow the community.

View project presentation here


Size 7.25″ x 10″

Six cards

One web companion

Created in collaboration with Molly Do