Interdesign Detroit

As part of a 15 week sponsored project, I worked in a group of four to rebrand The Detroit Creative Corridor, whose work is focused on strengthening the city’s creative economy. Our goals were to create an identity that was humanist but sophisticated, simple to use, and flexible.

The Interdesign identity includes Detroit inspired iconography, human related irregularities, is inclusive to all design, and presents community in the forefront. The brand is situated to evolve over time with its uncomplicated application and versatility– parallel to the city of Detroit’s growing design community.

A unique obstacle of this project was that the business struggled to clearly define to others what they do. In order to move forward we initially researched and discussed with the senior staff to help develop their promise statement and intent. The dialogue we shared with the staff directly was some of the most helpful research we did. They way they spoke and gave emphasis to topics, like human touch, was telling of what we’d need to focus on and include in the final designs.

Created in collaboration with Leah Wendzinski, Tiffany Salem and Melissa Elliott.


Personal Responsibilities:



Business Card Design

Car Wrap

Desktop Website

Mobile Website

Social Media

Brand Guidelines Design